Can a Restroom Single-Handedly Save Resources and Money?

    When you think about cutting operational costs and saving money, chances are the public restroom may not be at the top of your list for consideration. However, what if by making one simple change you could reduce material costs, maintenance and waste by as much as 95%—not to mention reduce your carbon footprint by nearly 50-70%?

    Meet World Dryer’s SMARTdri and SLIMdri and experience a host of cost saving opportunities

    Let’s look at the facts. We all know paper is expensive and customers typically use way more than they need to. In fact, on average, people use 2.5 sheets of paper towels each time they dry their hands. At roughly 2 cents per sheet, it costs almost 5 cents per person to dry their hands. Multiply that times 200 restroom users per day and suddenly it is an expense of almost $4,000 per year on paper towels alone! This doesn’t even consider the hidden cost of paper towels, the cost of managing the supply chain and waste stream.

    World Dryer recently introduced to the market SMARTdri and ADA-compliant SLIMdri fast-drying hand dryers, both featuring heat controls for user comfort and fast dry times up to 3 times faster than traditional dryers. Moreover, the cost savings this new technology delivers is impressive. Now it will only cost around 7 cents per 200 uses with heat and only 4 cents per 200 uses without the heat. Compared to the cost of using paper towels, these hand dryers can achieve nearly $5,000 per year in savings! Clearly, there is no question the cost difference is worth attention! Not to mention, once installed, hand dryers require considerably less attention than paper towel dispensers do, which saves additional money on labor and maintenance.

    Even lower traffic buildings like schools and healthcare facilities are realizing the cost benefits of World Dryer’s fast-drying hand dryers. Based on cost-analysis studies of schools, an average school can save as much as $15,000 per year over paper towel costs by installing hand dryers. That money can be used for more important things like books, extra-curricular programs, computers, buses and more.

    When it comes to the question of installation cost versus overall costs, the answer is certainly clear.

    We can save the environment together. Everyone knows the challenges we face every day to conserve our natural resources and while paper towels may not consume electricity for use, the energy required to produce them is tremendous. According to the EPA, for every single ton of paper produced, it requires 7,000 gallons of water, 360 gallons of oil and 158 million BTU’s of energy and as much as two to four tons of trees to yield that one ton of paper. Seems counterproductive doesn’t it?

    What is even more frustrating is that an estimated 3,000 tons of tissues and paper towels end up in landfills every day. In addition, did you know it takes as many as 51,000 trees per day to replace the number of paper towels that are discarded each day?

    Therefore, while the average consumer may assume that paper towels don’t have a significant impact on the environment, researchers have found that the environmental impact of paper towels, even the recycled ones, can be detrimental because when paper rots in our landfills it emits methane which contributes to global warming. Over its lifetime, just one hand dryer will produce 3 tons less CO2 than the production of paper towels it replaces.

    World Dryer’s SMARTdri and SLIMdri are specifically designed to help conserve our natural resources by not producing any disposable waste. Additionally, our dryers were engineered to use 88% less energy than traditional dryers and 40 – 60% less than most competitive high-speed dryers.

    Additional good news: Our products qualify for LEEDs Credits
    The building management world is buzzing about LEED certification and rightfully so. The goal of LEED certified buildings is to provide healthier work environments, contributing to higher productivity and improved employee health and comfort, as well as the savings incurred over time due to the lower-than-industry-standard operational costs.

    In developing our intelligent, flexible technology, we took into consideration that LEED certification was a high priority to builders. SMARTdri’s high efficient technology fully supports green building and offers a low environmental impact by virtually eliminating waste and maintenance and delivering a more hygienic restroom environment.

    The bottom line
    While the initial investment of hand dryers versus paper towels may be perceived as higher, the efficiency of our SMARTdri and SLIMdri dryers can help you realize long-term economic and environmental savings. With World Dryer’s SMARTdri and SLIMdri hand dryers, you’re doing your part to not only save the environment by conserving energy consumption and keeping waste out of landfills, but you are also reducing maintenance costs by eliminating germ-filled waste on the floors, overflowing trashcans and toilets clogged by paper towels. The result? Peace of mind as well as a cleaner, more sanitary facility for both your customers and your employees. And you really can’t put a price on that.