Other Hand Dryers

Additional Hand Dryer Models of High-Speed Hand Dryers

For more than 60 years, World Dryer has been the worldwide leader in high-quality, durable and stylish hand dryers for any facility or budget. Our dryers offer environmental, financial and sanitary benefits, and we have a selection that is unmatched. Whether you need a hand dryer that is ADA-compliant, fast-drying, or vandal-resistant, we offer a diverse line of hand dryers specifically engineered, designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements and specifications.

Model A series Model A Series
AirMax™ Hand Dryer AirMax™
Nova™ Hand Dryer Nova Series
Electric Aire™ Hand Dryer
Electric Aire Series
Airspeed™ Hand Dryer Airspeed
No Touch Hand Dryer No Touch