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Monthly Archives: January 2014

CASE STUDY: College Prep Academy Switches

    During a show intermission in the fine arts center at a historical, 650-student college preparatory academy, the head of the school watched as students and parents waited in line in a restroom to use, slow hand dryers. Frustrated by the long wait times, several of the patrons left the restrooms with dripping hands. The Academy

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    Save Resources and Money While Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Institution

      Although controlling operating cost is an ongoing concern for colleges and universities, providing clean and healthy facilities for faculty and students as well as a “green” environment for your community are also important considerations. You can find part of the solution to all these challenges in a surprising place: your institution’s restrooms. Cost Control You

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      Key Considerations For A Hygienic Restroom

        During flu season, people focus on avoiding contracting the virus, particularly when they are in public places such as restaurants, recreational and entertainment venues, schools, business offices and retail facilities. Moreover, while the risk of flu is uncomfortable enough, even more hazardous bacteria, viruses and parasites — like MRSA and H1N1 — may also be

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        Go Paperless

          When many restaurant facility managers consider ways to cut operational costs and save money, chances are the public restroom may not be the first area that comes to mind. However, a few simple changes in restroom fixtures can help to eliminate waste and reduce maintenance costs while keeping the restroom clean and sanitary for both

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