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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Six Key Considerations for a Restroom Redesign

    Certainly, the appearance of a public restroom is an important indicator of its cleanliness and an area of a facility the public will notice and respond to, either positively or negatively. In fact, the state of the restroom might even determine if visitors to your facility will ever return. However, the actual hygienic cleanliness of

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    World Dryer’s New VERDEdri™Creates a Benchmark for High Speed Hand Dryers Using only 950 Watts of Power VERDEdri Delivers Unmatched Energy Efficiency

      Berkeley, Ill.—April 6, 2015―World Dryer Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electric hand dryers, announces the introduction of VERDEdri™, an all-in-one high-speed hand dryer for any facility wanting one hand dryer that meets a variety of requirements.  VERDEdri is exceptional in that it uses only 950 watts of power, making it the most energy efficient high-speed hand

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      The Hygiene of Hand Dryers … Should You Be Concerned?

        There have been some reports in the news recently that automatic hand dryers potentially represent a hygiene risk. Commissioned and funded by manufacturers or industries that financially benefit from the suggestion of a possible hygiene risk, it is usually easy to spot the bias, as their titles or content will be one-sided in their focus

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        Choosing the Right Hand Dryer Cover Material

          Hand dryers today can be made out of four equally different materials—cast aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and actual steel. Just as any other product made of these materials, each metal has both pros and cons when it comes to holding the cover spot on an automatic hand dryer. Stainless steel is popular where design

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