How do you choose the best hand dryer for your school?

    First, let’s talk about one of the main reasons choosing to install hand dryers over paper towels in your school’s restrooms. Wet, used paper towels often overflow trash receptacles and can then end up scattered on the floor, or worse, clogging drains. Consider, too, the shelf space required for stocking the paper towel supply, as well as the time it takes employees to restock dispensers and dispose of the waste. The fact is eliminating the use of paper towels in the restroom helps reduce maintenance costs—and aggravation.

    One of the best ways to control the costs associated with restroom sanitation and maintenance is to provide fewer opportunities for litter and contamination that can drive up maintenance expenses. . High-speed hand dryers help keep a restroom clean and eliminate the frustration of trying to use a jammed-full paper towel dispenser or finding it empty.

    What do you look for in a hand dryer?

    When it comes to today’s high-tech hand dryers and a user’s diverse needs, one size does not fit all. That is why it is critical for architects and educational facility managers to work with a manufacturer that offers a wide range of solutions, as every facility has unique needs. The correct hand dryer choice can vary not only between buildings but also between areas within the same building. World Dryer is one of the only manufacturers able to offer you a full portfolio of fast, state-of-the-art hand dryers to choose from— designed to fit the individual needs of any facility.

    An important consideration when choosing a high-speed hand dryer for an area in which sound is an issue, such as near a school auditorium or library, is speed settings. A high-speed hand dryer with speed settings can be optimized for sound quality, user comfort and energy efficiency.

    Traffic flow in a restroom is another important consideration. Are you installing hand dryers in a smaller elementary school or a large high school? Traffic is a big determinant when selecting the correct hand dryer for maximum lifetime use and the best drying experience. Consider, too, how many users of a restroom may require ADA compliant fixtures. It is important then to choose a high-speed hand dryer that are surface mounted ADA compliant, eliminating the need for costly recessed installation kits.

    Additionally, health and sanitary conditions are top of mind in every school environment. Automatic, hands-free hand dryers made with antimicrobial technology inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus and extend the service life of the hand dryer.

    Finally, another important consideration is a hand dryer with on-off heating controls is. The new generation of high-speed hand dryers dry hands in just 10 to 12 seconds, up to three times faster than the earlier models and they use as much as 80 percent less energy in the process. Some models will even help a school meet LEED certification criteria.

    Whether you’re retrofitting an existing school or building a new one, it is important to work with a manufacturer that offers a broad selection of high-speed hand dryers to ensure you secure the best solution for the unique needs of your facility.