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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Saving Energy – In the Restroom

    Many efficiencies can be found by energy managers – in the restroom. More specifically, the choice between paper towels and electric hand dryers is important to an organization. World Dryer President Dan Storto points out that the cost of paper towels is rising and that a new generation of hand dryers is highly efficient. Thus,

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    Cleanliness—A Top Priority for Customers

      How does your site rate? Put yourself into the shoes of a customer visiting a convenience store, carwash or retail petroleum site, what captures your attention when you first arrive? If you are like most consumers, you are looking for a bright, clean, and inviting environment. C-store and carwash cleanliness is becoming increasingly more important

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      VERDEdri Profile

        World Dryer Corp., a leading manufacturer of electric hand dryers, now offers the durable, vandal-resistant VERDEdri, an all-in-one high-speed hand dryer that meets a variety of requirements. VERDEdri uses only 950 watts of power, making it the most energy efficient high-speed hand dryer on the market to date. Additionally, VERDEdri is equipped with a HEPA

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        NRA Show 2016

          May 21-24, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL (booth no. 5422). The NRA Show is where ideas take shape and deals get done. The Show delivers products, services, education and inspiration around the topics that matter most in the restaurant, food service and hospitality industries.

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          Check Out Our New Green Recipe at This Year’s NRA Show

            We are looking forward to this week’s National Restaurant Association (NRA) show at McCormick Place in our hometown of Chicago. It promises to be another premiere event with a host of great speakers, educational sessions on the latest trends and industry-leading exhibitors, including World Dryer. One topic that is important to every restaurant operator these

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