Monthly Archives: August 2016

World Dryer Joins Industry Consortium in Creating Global Standards for Evaluating the Environmental Benefits of Hand Dryers

    BERKELEY, Ill.—Aug. 12, 2016—World Dryer, a leading manufacturer of high-speed energy-efficient hand dryers, joined a consortium of hand dryer makers and UL Environment to publish a first-of-its-kind global Product Category Rule (PCR) for hand dryers. The creation of the PCR is the first step in a process that allows purchasers and product specifiers to reasonably

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    Some “Sound” Advice for Facility Managers

      Those responsible for managing facilities have a lot to keep track of, from routine maintenance and energy usage to remodeling and long-term planning. And every facility has its unique challenges, whether it’s an office, a hospital, a school, a restaurant or some other environment. However, one concern that is common to all of these settings

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