About Us

World Dryer, the leading global manufacturer of hand dryers, is the only company of its kind to offer a full portfolio of fast, state-of-the-art hand dryers designed to fit the individual needs of any facility. For more than 60 years, our products have set the industry standard by integrating leading technology, convenient functionality and attractive design to give every user an unparalleled experience. Our high-speed hand dryers are all designed to deliver a faster, more effective drying experience while reducing operational costs. With more than 800 distributors worldwide and over 18-plus certifications representing more than 85 countries around the globe, World Dryer truly is the hand-dryer manufacturer of choice.


60 Years of Progress

  • 1948 | First original warm air hand dryer is invented.
  • 1950 | World Dryer introduces the Model A, cast iron cover hand dryer, as the industry standard.
  • 1951 | World Dryer brand is established.
  • 1955 | Commenced export sales with foreign distributors. Today, World Dryer has distributors in over 70 countries.
  • 1984 | World Dryer introduces a new line of stamped and zinc die cast covered hand dryer.
  • 1987 | World Dryer introduces sensor activated automatic hand dryers.
  • 1992 | World Dryer acquires Electric-Aire.
  • 2000 | World Dryer acquires NOVA.
  • 2005 | World Dryer launches AirMax, a classic high-speed hand dryer.
  • 2008 | World Dryer introduces Airforce, a energy efficient high-speed hand dryer.
  • 2010 | World Dryer launches SMARTdri
  • 2011 | World Dryer introduces SLIMdri, a high speed surface mounted ADA hand dryer.
  • 2012 | World Dryer introduces SMARTdri Plus
  • 2013 | World Dryer launches VMax, a highspeed “hands-in” vertical hand dryer.
  • 2015 | World Dryer introduces VERDEdri, an all-in-one high-speed hand dryer.


SlimDri perfect for schools and is our hand dryer of choice | We recently needed to update a few of our old box-style hand dryers that were reliable for over ten years but were at the end of their life expectancy. We called World Dryer and besides offering the reliable box-style Model A dryers that we had throughout our facilities, they advised us of their surface mounted, ADA compliant SlimDri models they said were fast becoming the preferred hand dryer for schools. Not only did these units not need a recess kit and were surface mounted, but they went over the existing footprint which made installation and transformation a breeze!

These new dryers use less energy and are also quieter which make them perfect for schools. This will be our hand dryer of choice as our replacement program continues. Way to go World Dryer!

Todd Thomas
Fort Thomas Unified School District



SMARTdri, the worry-free paperless hand dryer | World Dryer SMARTdri is not only cost saving and environmentally friendly, but also paper-free, which means that schools – especially middle and high school campuses – can be worry-free of school fires from restroom trash can.

Rick Pridgen
Board Member
Wayne County Board of Education



SLIMdri – You can’t buy a better hand dryer | Recently I purchased several of the SLIMdri hand dryer Model: L-976 as the preferred replacement district wide. This is an excellent product in function, design, and durability. It has stood up to nearly continuous use for over a year with no maintenance required. It still runs and looks as good as the day it was installed. There are several different brands and models in our facilities and none of them have stood the test of time.

Before deciding on which hand dryer to use I bought and tested several brands and models in our busiest and most abuse locations, some costing nearly twice as much. None of them performed as well as the SLIMdri. In my opinion you can’t buy a better hand dryer, no matter what the cost.

Richard Morrell
Maintenance Shop Supervisor
Sweetwater Union High School District
Chula Vista, CA



World Dryer understood that we had different needs for hand drying in each of our buildings, such as speed, sound and being ADA compliant. | All the hand dryers are high quality and have their purpose. They took the time to understand our concerns and offer us the right solutions. World Dryer offers extra services that other companies don’t. We couldn’t be happier.

Richard Mills
Maintenance Department
Wheaton Academy
West Chicago, Illinois