Appearances Matter – Especially in the Restroom

    An excellent article appeared recently on FMLink, an online facilities management resource. The article discusses how human psychology influences our choices and impressions, moving beyond logic and hard data when it comes to perceptions of a facility’s cleanliness. Citing some interesting research about purchase behaviors, the author, Mark Sisson, makes the following point:

    “Whether good or bad, the first piece of information we receive about a person or situation becomes an ‘anchor detail’ that will color our overall perception.”

    Sisson uses an example familiar to all of us to illustrate this basic premise. Imagine you are getting ready to choose a food item to eat. While how it will taste is the most important thing you are ultimately interested in when selecting it, research has shown that the first “taste” of the food is actually done with the eyes. The appearance of food influences our judgment about how it will taste.

    In other words, appearances matter a lot in shaping a consumer’s impressions and experience. With that in mind, think about the public restrooms in your facility for a moment. What this research is saying is that whether or not your restroom “appears” clean to those who visit it will influence their perception about it. It may actually be clean, but if it doesn’t look clean their perception may undercut all the other things you do to ensure a positive customer experience.

    Sisson sees a bright side in all of this research for facility managers and others responsible for keeping a facility clean. In his words:

    “So we’re left with a big opportunity, which is to create environments that people perceive to be clean based on positive visible cues.”

    We couldn’t agree more. That’s why at World Dryer we go the extra mile to ensure our hand dryers not only support the perception of cleanliness, but actual cleanliness with features such as hands-free operation; SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus; and HEPA filtration to reduce contaminates in the air when hand drying. Our hand dryers also promote the perception—and potentially the reality—of cleanliness by eliminating unsightly paper towel waste in the restroom.

    We invite you to take a look at our state-of-the-art hand dryers, such as the VERDEdri, to see how we can support your efforts to achieve and maintain that all-important positive customer experience in your facility.