Choosing the Right Hand Dryer Cover Material

    Hand dryers today can be made out of four equally different materials—cast aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and actual steel. Just as any other product made of these materials, each metal has both pros and cons when it comes to holding the cover spot on an automatic hand dryer.

    Stainless steel is popular where design counts. It is more expensive than other options, but it offers corrosion resistance and it is a recyclable material, which is important where sustainability really counts.

    Steel may be the least popular choice probably due to the expense and that it is less resistance to impact damage.

    The bigger debate is usually cast iron vs. cast aluminum. Many people have the believe that cast iron is the best choice, due to its reputation for durability, but as with any choice, there are other things to take into consideration. Cast iron is durable, yes. However, it is significantly heavier than other cover option, thus requiring sturdier installations and costing more. And cast iron is susceptible to corrosion in high humidity and saltwater environments and is not recyclable.

    Cast aluminum, on the other hand, may be less resistant to heavy scratches, but it is pound for pound stronger than steel or stainless steel and it is the least expensive cover option. It is also the lightest cover material option, making installation easier. A hand dryer with an aluminum cover can weigh 25% less than the same dryer with a steel or stainless steel cover and nearly 50% less than cast iron. But is it durable? Well, I think the fact that an automobile’s wheels are made of cast aluminum might answer that question. And cast aluminum is readily recyclable answering the need for “green.”