Meet the Newest Hand Dryer on the Market from World Dryer

    In May, World Dryer exhibited at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) trade show where we were excited to showcase our newest automatic hand dryer on the market—World Dryer’s VERDEdri. We like to call it pure genius for a number of reasons.

    So think about it, what makes a product genius? It is usually something that breaks new ground helping the world do things in new and productive ways. A product that is in one word—exceptional.
    And that describes VERDEdri perfectly. Why? Because typical of geniuses, in designing World Dryer’s newest high-speed hand dryer, we wanted to ensure it was exceptional in that it would offer virtually everything today’s restroom environment requires. And it does.
    VERDEdri is an all-in-one high-speed hand dryer for any facility wanting one hand dryer that meets varied and complex requirements. VERDEdri is also exceptional in that it uses only 950 watts of power, making it the most energy efficient high-speed hand dryer on the market to date. Additionally, VERDEdri is equipped with a HEPA filtration system to reduce airborne contaminates and improve hygiene quality for facilities where clean is of utmost importance. Making installation even easier, VERDEdri is a surface mounted ADA compliant hand dryer and offers global universal voltage to accommodate any restroom environment.

    Here are some of its exceptional features:

    • Fast dry time and energy efficient – 12 second dry time
    • Surface mounted ADA compliant – reduces installation costs
    • HEPA filtration and Steritouch® antimicrobial technology
    • Adjustable motor speed – two speed controls customize dry time, sound level and deliver energy savings
    • Universal voltage – accommodates any environment

    What excites us—and drew attention at the NRA trade show—was VERDEdri’s simplicity as well as quality for any facility seeking a high-speed hand dryer that answers every need—from energy efficiency to hygiene to ADA compliance. Plus, it offers a compact sleek and modern design that is available in white, black or stainless steel—once again making it an exceptional choice that fits easily into any environment.

    If you want to learn more about this “ingenious” new automatic hand dryer, check out VERDEdri on our website: I think you will like what you see.