Building Safety Month

    We are in the final weeks of Building Safety Month. It’s a campaign spearheaded by the International Code Council to bring awareness on what it takes to create safe and sustainable homes and businesses. Each week this campaign highlighted a certain area of building safety. The themes were:

    Week One: Don’t Get Burned – Build To Code
    Week Two: Bounce Back Faster From Disaster – Build To Code
    Week Three: Water Safe, Water Smart – Build To Code
    Week Four: Save Energy – Build To Code

    Saving energy is the week that caught my attention. Focusing on the improvement of facility operations in all areas can deliver energy efficient benefits to both the overall facilities operations and the quality of the environment. Of course, as a manufacturer of hand dryers, our focus is on the restroom.

    Every building project will be different. And with those differences come different needs, right down to the selection of what kind of high-speed hand dryer is best for a restroom facility. Choosing the right hand dryer can have a surprisingly big impact on many levels—from significantly reducing costs on energy and materials to decreasing the carbon footprint.

    I am not sure if many are aware of this, but todays efficient high-speed hand dryers use 88 percent less energy than traditional hand dryers, and dry hands up to three times faster. Over its lifetime, a high-speed hand dryer produces three tons less CO2 than the production of the paper towels it replaces—saving, literally, tons of trees and the resources required to make paper. Additionally, while we hear that it is possible to make paper towels from recycled paper, they are rarely recycled, creating millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills.

    Time to focus on the big picture

    From a budget perspective, the best way to choose an energy-saving hand dryer is to ensure it specifically meets the requirements of a specific location and application. For publicly accessed areas, many models are surface mounted and ADA compliant, so you won’t need costly recessed installation kits. Many provide on-off heating controls, so if heat is not required, the hand dryer is even more energy efficient, often featuring three-speed motor controls to optimize energy efficiency and user comfort. Today, most every manufacturer attempts to design new products to deliver energy efficiency, an improved environment and a better customer experience.

    Restroom fixtures may seem like a minor consideration compared to the complexity of all your other building requirements. However, selecting carefully can go a long way to help reducing maintenance and energy costs. Studies have shown automatic hand dryers can save facilities up to 99 percent in operation costs as compared to paper towels—removing much of the maintenance involved in restroom upkeep, including restocking and disposal. By improving the functionality and efficiency of how you dry your hands in the restroom, you can reduce, and even eliminate some maintenance costs and significantly save on energy in the process.

    Additional good news: World Dryer products qualify for LEEDs Credits

    The building management world is buzzing about LEED certification and rightfully so. The goal of LEED certified buildings is to provide healthier work environments, contributing to higher productivity and improved employee health and comfort, as well as the savings incurred over time due to the lower-than-industry-standard operational costs. In developing the intelligent, flexible technology when designing our hand dryers, we took into consideration that LEED certification was a high priority to builders. Our hand dryers’ efficient technology fully supports green building and offers a low environmental impact by virtually eliminating waste and maintenance and delivering a more hygienic restroom environment.