Check Out Our New Green Recipe at This Year’s NRA Show

    We are looking forward to this week’s National Restaurant Association (NRA) show at McCormick Place in our hometown of Chicago. It promises to be another premiere event with a host of great speakers, educational sessions on the latest trends and industry-leading exhibitors, including World Dryer.

    One topic that is important to every restaurant operator these days—as well as their customers—is sustainability. Last week, the news section of the NRA featured an article entitled 7 ways to boost your eco-brainpower at the NRA show. It explored some of the many resources at this year’s show that can help make restaurants operate in a more environmentally-friendly way. The resources span from knowledgeable advice by industry experts including celebrity chef Rick Bayless to tips on how to improve recycling efforts and take advantage of sustainable packaging. There is bound to be something for everyone in these sessions, whether you’re just beginning the sustainability journey at your restaurant or you are a seasoned expert.

    With the topic of sustainability in mind, we would like to extend an invitation to you to visit World Dryer at booth No. 5422 during the show and introduce you to our VERDEdri™ high-speed hand dryer, which has been endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) for meeting GRA’s rigorous environmental product endorsement standards due to its extremely energy efficient operation, utilizing only 950 watts of power for a 12-second dry time.

    VERDIdri joins our SMARTdri Series®, SLIMdri®, VMax® and Airforce high-speed, energy efficient hand dryers that have also received the endorsement of GRA. As Michael Oshman, CEO and Founder of the GRA said in announcing his organization’s endorsement of VERDIdri, “More and more restaurants are realizing that going green not only saves them money, it also drives customer loyalty as consumers look to patronize environmentally responsible restaurants.”

    A restaurant needs 100 GreenPoints™ to become a GRA Certified Green Restaurant®. Installing our VERDEdri will earn up to 7.5 GreenPoints™ towards certification.

    We at World Dryer are pleased to play a role in helping to support the positive trend toward all things Green in the restaurant industry. We are excited to learn about new initiatives at the NRA show and we look forward to seeing you there!