Delivering Innovation, Energy Efficiency, Speed and Cost Savings

    (Source from QSR January 2012 issue) — Every minute counts in the quick-service industry, and that includes time spent by staff maintaining a spotless environment in the restaurant, even in the restrooms. Little turns customers off more than overflowing trash bins and no towels left in the dispensers.

    Staff has to spend valuable time emptying bins, stocking dispensers and then cleaning up all those towels that missed the basket as people walked out of the restroom.

    Quick-serve restaurants equipped with World Dryer’s hand dryers experience no paper waste and overflowing trashcans. Customers always have a way to dry their hands. Operators won’t lose valuable schedule time cleaning up paper wastes. “We provide customers with an energy efficient alternative in reducing waste,” says Dan Storto, senior vice president, sales and marketing at World Dryer.

    “In the quick-serve segment,” he says, “many major chains already have our products, and we have many long-term customers. They have stayed with World Dryer and stayed with us because of the energy efficiency and the savings offered by the hand dryers.”

    World Dryer products have stood the test of time on a global scale. The dryers can be found in more than 80 countries around the world, and there are some hand dryers that have been working for decades. “We provide superb quality, reliability and performance on a global scale. And no matter where in the world our hand dryer is being used, there are technicians who can service it if required. There is someone who can make sure the hand dryer is up and running,” says Storto.

    World Dryer is proud of its latest hand dryer offerings, SLIMdri and SMARTdri.

    “On our two newest products, the SLIMdri and the SMARTdri hand dryers, we average up to 60 percent more energy efficiency. The SMARTdri consumes only 12 percent of the energy used in traditional dryers, and World Dryer users save up to 99 percent of costs associated with using paper towels,” Storto says.

    Energy efficiency is one of the most appealing features of the hand dryers. Most quick-serve operations are looking for ways to cut energy costs. “Green” initiatives appeal to customers, of course, but it makes sense because any improvements in energy efficiency improve the bottom line. World Dryer’s new product offering are Green Spec listed and qualify for LEED credits.

    “SLIMdri has a small footprint, and it is surface mounted, ADA (American with Disabilities Act) complaint. Many hand dryers need a recess kit to meet ADA compliance,” says Storto. SLIMdri is up to 40 percent faster than other ADA surface mounted hand dryers and 70 percent more energy efficiency.

    SMARTdri, World Dryer’s “high-efficiency intelligent” hand dryer, “is the best energy-efficient dryer in its class,” says Storto. Besides high speed, the dryer has a 10-second drying time (about three times faster than traditional dryers), offer 99 percent savings over the cost of paper towels (mentioned above), uses just 12 percent of the energy of traditional dryers and only 40 to 60 percent of the energy of other high-speed dryers on the market.

    It also offers high, medium and low speed adjustments to fit a variety of installation environments. For example, in warm weather environments you have the ability to turn the heating option off allowing for additional energy savings. It’s all about user comfort,” say Storto. “Users comment that SMARTdri is very comfortable on the hands given its high speed drying capability, a feature difficult to match from competitive offerings.

    “World Dryer is the best-known brand in the industry and will always be progressive and innovation, developing new products to meet requirements of our quick-serve customers,” says Storto.