Give Your Team What They’re Asking For: Automatic High Speed Hand Dryers

    By Dan Storto, President, World Dryer Corporation

    A survey recently published in Facility Executive showed that the majority of American workers (almost 90%) believe the condition of their workplace restrooms indicates how much their company values its employees. However, only 67% of workers rated their workplace restrooms as either excellent or very good. The top items employees wished they could have in their restrooms were:

    • full-length mirrors
    • shelves for belongings
    • electric hand dryers

    Employees also expressed a desire for products that offer touchless features, such as automatic sinks.

    In the survey, workers were asked about their top annoyances when it came to their workplace restrooms. Some of the top responses included:

    • paper towel dispenser empty or jammed
    • toilets clogs or unflushed
    • overall appearance is old, dirty or unkempt

    One easy, cost-effective solution that will make your employees feel valued and help meet their restroom wish list is to install automatic high speed hand dryers. High speed hand dryers will also help to eliminate several of the top restroom annoyances identified in the survey.

    By replacing paper towels with hand dryers, you will no longer have to worry about empty or jammed paper towel dispensers and toilets being clogged with paper towels. Adding hand dryers to your workplace restroom will also help to improve its overall appearance with their sleek, compact design and they will reduce the possibility of your restroom appearing unkempt because paper towels have been thrown on the floor.

    At World Dryer, our VERDEdri™ will not only improve the overall appearance of your restroom, it will also save you money over using paper towels! (If you’re wondering how much you can save, our trusty savings calculator will have your answer.) VERDEdri is a high speed, surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer that is extremely energy efficient and an ideal solution for a more hygienic and cleaner restroom.

    Employees feel valued if they have high quality workplace restrooms that are kept in good condition. Installing automatic high speed hand dryers is an excellent way to show your employees just how important they are to your business.

    For more than 60 years, World Dryer’s commitment has been to always deliver hand dryers to the market, like VERDEdri, that not only look great, but also provide an excellent user experience in your restrooms.

    Dan Storto is president for Berkeley, Ill.-based World Dryer (, a global manufacturer of energy efficient, rapid-dry hand dryers. He can be reached at