Going Green at Your Building? It’s Just Good Business.

    By Dan Storto, President, World Dryer Corporation

    One of the best parts of summer is seeing all the green – the green of the grass, the green leaves that have blossomed on the trees, all good news after a long winter. Now it looks like there’s another green aspect that offers some good news – green building.

    According to the U.S. Green Building Council, several new studies support the business case for LEED. In these studies, researchers examined the energy-related and economic outcomes for LEED and Energy Star-labeled buildings and compared them to non-labeled buildings and here is what they found:

    In every case, the studies found that the LEED and Energy Star-labeled buildings were reliable indicators of high-performing buildings. Add to that the fact that the market continues to value these labels in financial terms. To me, those are great reasons to consider implementing some green initiatives in your facility. If you’re looking to put your building on the path to becoming a LEED-labeled building, World Dryer can help in a variety of ways. Here are two:

    1. Replacing paper towels and installing hand dryers in restrooms helps meet the critical LEED requirements of reducing the waste stream and creating operational cost improvements by eliminating or minimizing the purchase and waste removal of janitorial products.
    2. Energy efficiency is another way to earn LEED credits. Energy efficient hand dryers, like our VERDEdri, reduce energy consumption through fast dry times and low power consumption. For existing facilities, a LEED credit can be earned by replacing less efficient hand dryers with more energy efficient ones.

    LEED credits are not awarded for products themselves but rather for the impact those products have on building performance—achieved through sustainable design, construction and operation of the building.

    If it’s not currently in your building’s business plan, this summer is a great time to consider becoming a LEED-labeled building. We are glad that our hand dryers contribute to achieving this important goal and look forward to helping your building head down the path to becoming LEED certified.

    Dan Storto is president for Berkeley, Ill.-based World Dryer (www.worlddryer.com), a global manufacturer of energy efficient, rapid-dry hand dryers. He can be reached at dstorto@worlddryer.com.