Hospitals, hygiene and automatic hand dryers

    For healthcare facilities in particular, hygiene and appearances in the restroom is not only important, it is critical. Doctors commonly recommend that people wash their hands repeatedly throughout the day and particularly when they’ve been in public areas to avoid contracting any illness. The risk of flu is uncomfortable enough, yet even more hazardous bacteria, viruses and parasites—like MRSA and H1N —may also be present in restrooms that are open to public usage Door handles, seating and countertops and the handles on faucets in restroom facilities can carry viruses and bacteria that cause these issues.

    While frequent hand washing is a good practice, it can mean exposure to yet another source of contamination, the damp clutter of used paper towels that you find in many public restrooms. Most people do not want to handle something that someone else has touched. Hence automation in restroom fixtures is quickly becoming the norm in many public restrooms. In turn, manufacturers have responded to this trend by developing products that minimize the need to touch any surface in a public restroom. Additionally, manufacturers of automatic high-speed hand dryers have worked hard to develop technologies directly aimed at addressing these infectious diseases, as well as improved efficiency and fast dry times.

    World Dryer has answered this call with several newer automatic hand dryer features that embed anti-microbial additives that use disinfectant substances to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as germs, mold, and bacteria as a way of further improving the hand hygiene process. Studies have shown that this anti-microbial technology is 99% effective against e-coli and MRSA, which is good news. Our newest automatic hand dryers, SMARTdri series, VMax and VERDEdri, are designed with either Steritouch® antimicrobial technology, a HEPA filtration—or both.

    Additionally, our proactive hand dryer design teams have placed strict emphasis on decreasing drying time, ensuring product hygiene and the different ways we can take into consideration of the holistic hand hygiene process. Today, World Dryer automatic hand dryers offer speeds as quick as a mere 10 seconds which is three times faster than traditional dryers. All of this is accomplished to deliver adequate drying that avoids the risk of water-based transfer of contaminants. In addition, our World Dryer hand dryers are ADA-compliant, which can be a significant issue for healthcare facility patients and visitors, and when it comes to conforming to federal and local regulations for public-access restrooms.

    It is no secret that healthcare industry today is experiencing changing regulations and requirements, and many of these changes in addition to a healthy environment involve costs. By replacing paper towels with energy-efficient, rapid-dry hand dryers, healthcare facilities can significantly cut costs by eliminating paper and reduce maintenance needs in restrooms, all while improving sustainability and providing that all important hygienic environment for patients and visitors.