Ensuring Your Hotel is Considered Clean and Healthy

    As snowbirds start to fly and people’s holiday travel plans take off, the hospitality industry must not only focus on increased room nights, but also tend to ways that provide a sustainable, clean and healthy lodging for guests. Today, many travelers select their hotels based on reviews from prior visits. One bad review can damage a hotel’s reputation. One place you might not think of that can affect a review is the state of the restroom.

    Because of the public’s perception of the need to reduce or eliminate the risk of infection related to restrooms, terms such as “hands-free” and “touchless” are widely accepted today as signals that a fixture or device is relatively cleaner and safer to use than those that must be grasped, pressed, pushed, or otherwise operated by hand. As a result, hotel managers are finding alternatives like motion-sensor soap dispensers, automatic faucets and touchless hand dryers that help eliminate the need to touch surfaces.

    Replacing paper towels with high-speed hand dryers in your hotel restroom could be the first step in promoting a clean image. If the public restroom in a hotel is using paper towels, it could potentially increase exposure to contamination from the damp clutter of used paper towels found in overflowing trash receptacles—and the perception that the facility overall is not cared for or clean. Simply put, high-speed hand dryers can provide a more sustainable, clean and healthy environment for hotel guests.

    In addition, many hand dryer models can help your facility qualify for LEED credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Promoting LEED credits can demonstrate to your customers, visitors and employees that your facility understands and respects that the environment matters.

    World Dryer provides a wide portfolio of high-speed hand dryers that offer environmental and sanitary benefits designed to fit the needs of any facility. I invite you to check out our newest hand dryer, VERDEdri. VERDEdri is equipped with an HEPA filtration system to reduce airborne contaminants and improve hygiene quality for facilities where cleanliness is of utmost importance. Making installation even easier, VERDEdri is a surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer and offers global universal voltage to accommodate any restroom environment.

    Public awareness of the dangers of how bacteria and viruses are spread, particularly in public facilities, suggests that hotel guests now have very high expectations of cleanliness. Publicly accessed restrooms equipped with the proper fixtures can demonstrate that you share their concerns and take every possible measure to prevent the spread of contamination.