Practical Steps to Reduce Vandalism in School Restrooms

    Vandalism is an all-too-common problem in restrooms at educational institutions. While it may not be possible to completely stop some incidents, such as graffiti, there are steps that can be taken to reduce problems.

    Perhaps the best deterrent is to keep restrooms well-lit and frequently maintained so that their appearance reminds students of the respect that the school has for them and the mutual respect they should have for their school. A dirty, unkempt restroom, on the other hand, suggests that the school really doesn’t care.

    Replacing paper towel dispensers with automatic hand dryers will go a long way toward achieving the goal of a properly maintained school restroom as well as reduce opportunities for vandalism. In a busy school, waste baskets can quickly become overflowing with wet, germ-carrying paper towels that spill on the restroom floor and negatively impact student perceptions of their school environment. Moreover, paper towels can easily be used for malicious activity, including stopping up drains and toilets or worse, setting a fire.

    At World Dryer, we have carefully designed our high-speed hand dryers with vandal-resistant features such as touch-free operation, heavy-duty cover materials and sleek profiles that do not lend themselves to malicious tampering. Moreover, the quick drying time of our hand dryers—in as little as 10 seconds—reduces dwell time or lines in the restroom that can lead to malicious behavior.

    Just as is the case with meticulously kept grounds and technology-enabled classrooms, clean and orderly restrooms can help shape a positive learning environment at any educational setting. Our high-speed hand dryers can play an important role in helping you reduce the negative impact of vandalism at your institution.