Reducing Costs in Schools – Here’s One Way

    Classes are back in session, which means your operating costs are also in full swing. While many institutions search for ways to reduce costs each year, the restroom is one place that may not be the first to come to mind. However, if your school is still using paper towels, the cost for inventory and maintenance can affect operating costs as much as $70 per day depending on the size of your institution. Additionally, there is a potential to save an average of up to $4,000 per year by replacing paper towels with automatic, high-speed hand dryers. The cost savings of using hand dryers instead of paper towels is worth looking into.

    Just look at Legacy Charter School

    Legacy Charter School is a public charter school located in Greenville, South Carolina with two campuses that support grades K5 – 12. A renovation of several buildings on the campus caused Barry Bowen, the director of operations, to search for ways to furnish the new restroom facilities from both a cost and hygiene perspective.

    A cost analysis revealed to Bowen that people would use an average of two paper towels each time they washed their hands, assuming at least four times per day. With 1,000 staff and students using the facilities, 8,000 paper towels were used per day at $20 per case. Bowen calculated an additional $10 for waste, totaling $70 per day. A school year of 180 days puts operational costs at approximately $12,600 annually. He estimated that the purchase of high-speed hand dryers could produce a payback in less than one year.

    One of the buildings on the Legacy Charter School campus housed an original model of one of our World Dryer hand dryers from a renovation a previous school did 25 years earlier. Bowen was impressed that our equipment was still running, as well as the fact that, when he was doing his research, he saw that a number of large organizations listed World Dryer in their building materials guides. He was pleased to learn how many types of high-speed hand dryers we offer in our portfolio.

    He chose World Dryer’s SMARTdri® Series not only for its speed and energy efficiency, but also for a number of reasons important to a school environment. The shape of the SMARTdri high-speed hand dryers would limit any ability to vandalize the unit. With his interest in health and safety first, he also liked the fact that we design the coating on the hand dryers to limit organism growth. From a functionality side, Bowen felt the mechanism inside the unit was strong and offered many options. The school tested two different units and liked the intelligent on/off heating, the variable motor speed, and the amount of ventilation to suit the different age groups of students. Satisfied, the school purchased 18 World Dryer SMARTdri Series high-speed hand dryers for the renovated facilities!

    World Dryer loves helping schools save money

    Although restrooms are last to come to mind when searching for ways to reduce operational costs, it is an effective place to start. After analyzing the cost of paper towel usage for both labor and hygiene, hand dryers compared to paper towels can reduce costs in materials, maintenance and waste up to 90 – 95 percent. Keep this in mind as you manage your institution’s operational costs this school year and let us show you how we can help reduce them!