SLIMdri: The Bantamweight that Packs a Punch

    (Berkeley, IL) May 31, 2011 – SLIMdri is compact, but it’s packed with power. World Dryer’s innovative hand dryer wallops competing models. It’s simply the best surface-mounted ADA-compliant hand dryer on the market.

    Last summer, World Dryer launched SMARTdri, the fastest, most energy-efficient high-speed hand dryer. With SLIMdri, the leading global manufacturer has knocked the competition out of the ring. This new model is sleek and powerful. Boasting an ultra-compact design, SLIMdri features a height of 11 inches, a width of 12 inches and a depth of 4 inches. Companies are legally obligated to offer restrooms accessible to all, and the ADA requires surface-mounted hand dryers extend 4 inches from the wall. World Dryer has created a streamlined, easy-to-install design that fits these guidelines perfectly.

    SLIMdri offers a wealth of savings and benefits. The hand dryer is 40% faster and 25% more energy efficient than competing surface-mounted ADA-compliant hand dryers. The on/off heat control provides energy savings and comfortable drying temperatures. SteriTouch antimicrobial technology shields against the build-up of bacteria. SLIMdri’s universal voltage is adaptable to all electrical supplies.

    World Dryer’s newest product is simple to mount. The contemporary hand dryer is listed by Green Spec, approved by the Underwriters Lab, and guaranteed for five years. The hand dryer’s options for stylish finishes include aluminum covered in white, brushed chrome or polished chrome, or cast iron encased in white porcelain. SLIMdri is lightweight; the aluminum model tips the scales at a mere 9 pounds.

    Switching from paper towels to World Dryer’s SLIMdri will cut your operating expenses. There will be no more dispensers to refill and overflowing trash cans to empty. Paper waste will be reduced, and restocking chores will become a distant memory. As your clients blast their hands dry, you’ll watch your wallet thicken. The more your costs shrink, the more your accountant will smile.

    This summer, take a look at the restrooms at the beach and the pool. Are they brimming with paper towels, or have the owners converted to efficient, ADA-compliant hand dryers? Most likely, managers in touch with the latest technology have chosen SLIMdri hand dryers. Thus, while the slim and trim splash in teeny bikinis, those benefiting from the smart and sophisticated will dry their hands with World Dryer’s slimmest, trimmest model.

    SLIMdri is not only the leading surface-mounted ADA-compliant model — it’s the best in its class. Contact World Dryer and convert from paper towels to SLIMdri. The hand dryer is the intelligent alternative for summer — and for the rest of the year too. SLIMdri will leave your opponents flat on the mat.

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    toll free: 800-323-0701