Striving for an A+ in Sustainability

    Incorporating sustainability and green practices in school and higher education settings is a trend that has grown tremendously over the past several years. These institutions recognize the importance of modeling Green best practices within their educational community and they also know that students today have a heightened awareness of, and interest in, protecting the environment.

    One major area of focus in these sustainability initiatives is energy efficiency. From the use of biofuels in buses and other vehicles to solar water heating and building design considerations such as using white roofs and orienting building to maximize daylight, education institutions are looking for ways to reduce their non-renewable energy consumption.

    At World Dryer, we are pleased to play a role in helping schools and college and university campuses save energy. Our SMARTdri Series, for example, uses 40% less energy than competitive high-speed hand dryers and only 12% of the energy used by traditional hand dryers. And our new VERDEdri high-speed and ADA-compliant hand dryer uses only 950 watts of power, the lowest power consumption among all high-speed heated hand dryers. If an educational facility is replacing paper towels with one of our high-speed hand dryer models, the positive impact on the environment is even greater, because over a lifetime our hand dryers produce 3 tons less CO2 than the production of paper towels that it replaces. Moreover, while it is possible to make paper towels from recycled paper, they are rarely, if ever, recycled, creating millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills.

    Incorporating environmentally-friendly technologies throughout an educational institution’s campus not only helps protect our world’s natural resources, it also creates a teachable moment for students and visitors on campus, helping them learn the many ways we can all do our part to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives.

    At the end of the day, that’s the best lesson of all.