Take a World Dryer Hand Dryer for a Spin!

    If you have purchased a new car recently—or if you’ve seen any number of holiday commercials from car manufacturers—you know just how much automobile technology has advanced over the past few years. Features such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision mitigation and touchscreen infotainment systems have left the realm of science fiction and can now be found at your local dealership or, if you’re lucky, in your driveway.

    However, this leap forward in technology has not been limited to automobiles. Hand dryer technology has advanced significantly as well. Today’s hand dryer models offer features and energy-saving potential like never before—including HEPA filtration, antimicrobial technology and customizable drying speeds, sound levels and energy usage.
    So how can you explore the benefits of today’s hand dryer technology and make an informed decision on the best fit for your facility? Well, just as with a new car, you can take a test drive!
    Sign up here and you can try one of our exceptional hand dryers in your facility for 45 days at no obligation. Experience the difference and the cost savings that a World Dryer hand dryer can make in your environment.

    We’re confident that once you take our test drive, you’ll be convinced that a World Dryer hand dryer is the only choice for your setting. Sign up today! You’ve got nothing to lose—except perhaps higher energy bills or dirty paper towels.