SlimDri –perfect for schools and is our hand dryer of choice

We recently needed to update a few of our old box-style hand dryers that were reliable for over ten years but were at the end of their life expectancy. We called World Dryer and besides offering the reliable box-style Model A dryers that we had throughout our facilities, they advised us of their surface mounted, ADA compliant SlimDri models they said were fast becoming the preferred hand dryer for schools. Not only did these units not need a recess kit and were surface mounted, but they went over the existing footprint which made installation and transformation a breeze!

These new dryers use less energy and are also quieter which make them perfect for schools. This will be our hand dryer of choice as our replacement program continues. Way to go World Dryer!

Todd Thomas
Fort Thomas Unified School District – Maintenance

SMARTdri, the worry-free paperless hand dryer

“World Dryer SMARTdri is not only cost saving and environmentally friendly, but also paper-free, which means that schools – especially middle and high school campuses – can be worry-free of school fires from restroom trash can.”

Rick Pridgen
Board member
WAYNE County Board of Education

SLIMdri – You can’t buy a better hand dryer

“Recently I purchased several of the SLIMdri hand dryer Model: L-976 as the preferred replacement district wide. This is an excellent product in function, design, and durability. It has stood up to nearly continuous use for over a year with no maintenance required. It still runs and looks as good as the day it was installed. There are several different brands and models in our facilities and none of them have stood the test of time.

Before deciding on which hand dryer to use I bought and tested several brands and models in our busiest and most abuse locations, some costing nearly twice as much. None of them performed as well as the SLIMdri. In my opinion you can’t buy a better hand dryer, no matter what the cost.”

Richard Morrell
Maintenance Shop Supervisor
Sweetwater Union High School District
Chula Vista, CA (San Diego)

Large Southwestern School District Gets an Education in Hand Dryer Durability

Public schools can be tough on hand dryers, as one large Southwestern school district has learned through experience. Established in the early decades of the 20th century, the District currently covers a widespread and primarily suburban area that includes close to a dozen separate towns and communities. This geographic area encompasses more than 30 separate school campuses that serve 40,000+ students in middle school through high school, as well as some 24,000 adults who participate in adult educational programs.

Budgets are tight here and for district administrators, school restroom facilities are rarely a top priority. However, with the implementation of ADA regulations, the District has had to upgrade the variety of hand dryers installed over the years in older buildings while making sure that newer structures also are in compliance. All the older hand dryers had to be replaced with newer models that meet ADA standards, particularly that they be touch-free and protrude no more than four inches from the wall.

Toward that end, several years ago the District issued an RFD for new hand dryers and awarded the contract to the lowest bidder. Although the buy stayed within the budget, the low-cost hand dryers just haven’t held up to heavy day-to-day usage. “We’ve experienced repeated failures with those hand dryers over and over and over again and I’ve had to buy circuit boards for them over and over and over again as well,” said the District’s maintenance shop supervisor. “We also have problems with vandalism. Fifty percent of the time, the kids jam them with pencils or with paper towels. Sometimes they knock the whole thing off the wall.”

The maintenance supervisor was charged with finding a more durable yet reasonably priced replacement for the low-quality hand dryers. Doing his research, he noticed that early model World Dryer push-button hand dryers in some of the District’s older schools had stood up over time. After researching World Dryer’s current product line online, he decided to contact the company.

“When I called and inquired about the company’s SLIMdri automatic hand dryer, the information came, the specifications came, and the warranty were sent to me right away. Everybody I talk to there makes me feel like I’m the only customer on earth. The personal attention and service I received helped to solidify my decision,” he said.

Initially, he ordered only several units. “The students are in and out of the lunch areas frequently and some of these areas get used all day long,” he noted. “The hand dryers have to be able to withstand constant use. So when I chose the SLIMdri with the heavy duty cover as a test, I installed them in our most high-use areas. I was amazed to find I never needed to touch them again. They look as good today as when I put them in a year ago.

“Actually, because of the design and the way that the grill is set in at the bottom, the kids seem to have a hard time vandalizing them,” he continued. “They do try to plug them up, but I’ve never had to actually repair one yet. It’s a huge savings for me, because the maintenance staff doesn’t have time to constantly repair the hand dryers.”

SLIMdri hand dryers are available with aluminum covers in a choice of three different finishes or with an iron cover finished in white. They’re ADA-compliant and surface mounted, meeting another of the District’s requirements for easy installation. They also feature SteriTouch antimicrobial technology for improved sanitation.

Slowly but surely, the District’s older hand dryers and the less expensive brand models are being replaced with World Dryer SLIMdri hand dryers, certainly for their durability, but also for their energy efficiency. The models dry 40 percent faster than competitive brands and use up to 70 percent less energy.

“Some of the newer buildings under construction in the District are ‘green’ facilities, and the hand dryers that are being installed in those buildings are World Dryer products,” stated the maintenance supervisor. “With any new construction, there’s a standard that the maintenance department writes to make sure that the equipment we put into the buildings is not sub-standard. World Dryer’s SLIMdri has set our new highest standard—I know they are the best hand dryer to install.”

“With about 500 World Dryer hand dryers currently installed in District schools, and more in the pipeline, we have certainly learned a lesson ourselves,” said the maintenance supervisor. “It is simply wisest – and more cost effective – to start out with the best quality hand dryers available and to stick with them.”

Wheaton Academy